Leveraging the power of community to create wealth for Muslims

Our way

Together, we create wealth by mobilising resources for long-term, profitable investments

Venture Funding

Guided by Islamic principles, we invest in businesses at different stages of growth.


We connect members to exclusive investment opportunities.


Leveraging professional connections to uplift the careers of members

Financial Wellness

We help members build investment skills that prioritise long-term windfall over short-term trickles.

To join us

  1. Request an Invite
  2. We are a strictly by-invitation community of Muslims creating halal wealth through investment.

  3. Fund your account
  4. Members make monthly contribution to a general pool for onward investment.

  5. Enjoy membership benefit
  6. Members benefit from well-managed investments, access to exclusive wealth-building opportunities, and membership of a community of professionals.

We are committed to helping Muslims build long-term wealth without compromising their faith.

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